Cataracts are a very common eye condition that comes with age, certain environmental factors and some medications. Our doctors monitor the progression of cataracts annually.

Although cataracts are very common, it is important to monitor their changes as they can cause some complications including decreased vision, decreased contrast, increased glare, and some cases angle closure that can lead to glaucoma. Many people with cataracts begin to notice the early signs with difficulty night driving as the contrast is decreased and glare is increased especially with oncoming headlights.

Cataract surgery is the treatment and may sound scary but it is one of the most common surgeries done. The procedure takes about 10 minutes per eye as an outpatient surgery and only one eye is done at a time with a 2-4 week span between the two eyes. Post surgery, most patients will notice a significant improvement in their vision the next day with continual improvements over the course of the next couple weeks.

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