Glaucoma is an ocular condition that can cause loss of peripheral vision. Glaucoma can be checked for during a routine medical eye exam. Eye pressure can be a risk factor which is why we check it at every exam. The optic nerve is the other area of the eye that gives a lot of information because in glaucoma the nerve fibers begin to degenerate and the optic nerve looks differently.

The optic nerve is a donut shape in the central part of the eye and if the nerve is enlarged or enlarges over time, glaucoma might be the culprit.The cause is known to be too much pressure on the back of the eye that compresses the nerves and causes them to degenerate. Treatment for glaucoma is to target the pressure in the eyes and bring it down, usually with eye drops but in more severe cases laser procedures can be done to open the drainage system of the eyes and relieve pressure that way.

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