Modern Optometry

A Home Health Service

Modern Optometry is a home health service bringing eye care into your home on your schedule. This service is designed to provide medical care to patients that are disabled, home-bound or prefer the convenience of an old-fashion house call!
Our Services
Our licensed Doctors of Optometry provide medical eye care in-home where they can diagnose and manage eye conditions such diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, glaucoma and more.
Service Areas
Our doctors are currently working in the states of Arizona, Oregon and Washington with plans to continue expanding. We accept all major medical insurances including Medicare in all servicing areas.

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”

Helen Keller

Happy Patients
This service is so convenient for me since I am not able to drive. When going to an appointment, I need to have my daughter take a day off work to take me in but with this home health service I don't need to worry about skipping my annual diabetic eye exam. Thank you for your wonderful service to people like me. 
I haven't had my eyes checked since I was in the military because I never needed glasses. When Dr. Filipelli called me to set up an eye exam she politely informed me that eye exams are recommended yearly for checking the health of the eyes even if you don't need a prescription. I am so glad she called because there are some changes to my eyes that she will be monitoring in a few months. Now I am sure to let all my friends and family know to get an appointment with this wonderful doctor.
Dr. Filipelli was on time and very efficient. I have never had such a quick, yet thorough eye exam. I learned a lot about my eyes and the effects cataracts and diabetes can have on them. I will definitely be getting my eyes checked yearly to continue monitoring.